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I know, I know, it's only numbers, but....

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Just a quick update... ( I'm a little tired this morning)

I've been pretty busy this past week.  I had my appointment at the VA on Monday, and all went well. The doctor wasn't in, but I did meet with the nurse practitioner.

We had a very good discussion. I presented all my medical history.( she stated that I kept very good files) We went over everything. She seems very knowledgeable, and is one of 5 that treat those with HIV, at Bay Pines.  There are 2 ID doctors and 3 practitioners.

They took a chest X-Ray on Monday , also gave me a tetanus shot. All my other shots are current. I met with a pharmacy representative. She ordered my meds, and said they should arrive in the mail, in about ten days or so.

I also met with a Social worker from Ryan White ( works in the VA) ,  and she signed me up on the Ryan White program.  This should cover all VA co-pays, including dental. ( but I kept my dental insurance at work), so I won't be needing that at the moment.

Finally, I had to do an " In person authentication".  This is so I can view my prescriptions on the VA web site, and eventually, view some medical records.  As I understand it, the VA is still working on that portion of the site , and it's not available yet.

I also had them scan into the computer,  My advance directive and Durable power of attorney for health care and living will.

Once again,  I was very pleased how smooth everything went.  It went like clockwork !  I was in and out, in about three hours. The professionalism was outstanding !

Ed was with me on Monday, every step of the way.  He was also, once again, very impressed.  He couldn't believe how organized everything was. I didn't have more than a five minute wait, anywhere I went !


Ray,  so pleased to hear you have the great numbers... the BP thing really needs attention... stick with it.  your  sessions with the VA mirror what my friends have told me.... only one of them is eligible for support from Ryan white., ( he owns his business and isnt qualified) .  continued good  luck with them... sounds like you hit a winning combo...



--- Quote from: pozniceguy on December 30, 2009, 06:34:27 PM --- the BP thing really needs attention... stick with it. 


--- End quote ---

Thanks Nick,

The VA primary care doctor, at the clinic, will be monitoring the blood pressure and cholesterol. That appointment, is still set for Jan 12th.  All other blood tests will be done at the main building. Those blood test are scheduled for February. ( I have to verify that appt.)

When she checked the BP , this past Monday, it was only slightly elevated, and no where near as high as it was at the clinic. We'll be watching it.  I don't even want to start another medication if I can avoid it !

I really need to exercise more.  This desk job I have, doesn't help. On my old job, I was constantly on the go.


Oh yes,...

Just want to thank Betty, Capecodder, Andy, and Mark, for your thoughts and comments.  I didn't forget ya. Just a little scatterbrained at times !!  Got to head out for work now.

Ray :-*

You're more than welcome, Ray.  I'm so glad to read that you're having such a good experience.  Here's hoping for continuance of that!


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