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I know, I know, it's only numbers, but....

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--- Quote from: J.R.E. on November 30, 2012, 09:10:51 AM ---
So,.... yesterday ( Thursday morning) I went down to the VA, and had a full body check done by the dermatologist.

I had 3 areas frozen off, and had a small slice taken out of my nose to be biopsied.

She says it looks very much like Basal Cell. ( that didn't surprise me)  It was very small, so I should get those results back in a week or two. Depending on results, She said an appointment may be made with the cosmetic surgeon. A routine  follow up has been scheduled for 5/29/13.

--- End quote ---

UPDATE 12/5/12

I received a letter today from the VA, and as suspected, the spot on the left side of my nose was Basal Cell carcinoma.

So, an appointment has been made for Wednesday, January 9th,12 @ 11:00 AM . I just Got off the phone with the ARNP, that saw me on 11/29/12.  She stated the cosmetic surgeon will take some more of my nose off, and it will require several sutures.

While I am there,   I think I will ask for the excess skin on my eyelids to be removed, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and a Butt lift.  ::) :)  I think I will also take off the 9th and 10th from work !

That's it for now,...Pictures to follow on the 9th.


I empathize with you, Ray.



Great news Ray!

From what little I know about this stuff, I do not think there is any "real" difference at all between 13% and 14%. Wouldn't give it a second thought.

UPDATE 4/20/14

Thought I would update this thread and let y'all know whats going on.

Had labs taken on April 14Th,14,...And the results are now coming in, on the VA website.

Current t cells are @ 485  ( were @ 437 in 12/09/13 )

Current % is @ 14 %        ( was @ 16@% 12/09/13

Lymphocytes @ 3477         ( was @ 2702 12/09/13


ALSO Taken:

CALCIDIOL    40    ng/mL    30-100    

   CALCIDIOL    40    ng/mL    Not established    

   CALCIDIOL    < 4    ng/mL    Not established    

I have another dermatology appointment set for April 25th,14   I have another spot on my left forearm which seems to be aggressive and growing quickly. It's amazing how fast these things appear and how fast they grow.

I don't think they will be able to just freeze this one off, and it will probably have to be cut out. 

I have some more fasting labs scheduled for Monday May 19th,14,  and will be the lipids/metabolic panel, which are ordered by my primary doctor. So,.... we'll see how those results turn out. I've been taking my blood pressure at home, and BP is normal.

 I am still on Viramune and Epzicom, along with the 40 mg dose of Simvastatin, the 25mg dose of Metoprolol Tartrate,  and the split dose of Hydrochlorothiazide. << I split this in half to 12.5 mg and take daily.

Otherwise, nothing much else to report. I am feeling good, my energy levels seem OK, still sleeping 7-9 hours a night, weight is still not where I would like it to be.  ::) but i will continue to work on that. Appetite is good, got to lay off the sweets though!  :P

 I've found that since I have retired, I don't need that afternoon nap anymore. I get up around 7:00  am, and won't go to bed until 10:00pm or so.

Ed's doing great ! No more issues with his skin cancer.  Still having some issues with his Hips and arthritis, but so far no medication is needed.


Wishing you the best with the skin issues.  Our numbers appear to be very similar so I'm guessing we'll always be on the lower side which is fine with me, as the few CD4's I have kick ass.  :)

Hope you're enjoying your retirement!

have a great day


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