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--- Quote from: J.R.E. on November 30, 2012, 09:10:51 AM ---
So,.... yesterday ( Thursday morning) I went down to the VA, and had a full body check done by the dermatologist.

I had 3 areas frozen off, and had a small slice taken out of my nose to be biopsied.

She says it looks very much like Basal Cell. ( that didn't surprise me)  It was very small, so I should get those results back in a week or two. Depending on results, She said an appointment may be made with the cosmetic surgeon. A routine  follow up has been scheduled for 5/29/13.

--- End quote ---

UPDATE 12/5/12

I received a letter today from the VA, and as suspected, the spot on the left side of my nose was Basal Cell carcinoma.

So, an appointment has been made for Wednesday, January 9th,12 @ 11:00 AM . I just Got off the phone with the ARNP, that saw me on 11/29/12.  She stated the cosmetic surgeon will take some more of my nose off, and it will require several sutures.

While I am there,   I think I will ask for the excess skin on my eyelids to be removed, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and a Butt lift.  ::) :)  I think I will also take off the 9th and 10th from work !

That's it for now,...Pictures to follow on the 9th.


I empathize with you, Ray.



Great news Ray!

From what little I know about this stuff, I do not think there is any "real" difference at all between 13% and 14%. Wouldn't give it a second thought.


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