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I know, I know, it's only numbers, but....

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 :D Ray, you so funny sometimes.  I don't think any of us thought we were forgotten we are just glad things are working out.  Keep us updated on the BP & cholesterol.  I know mine was high at my last visit but he didn't have a complete breakdown of Good & Bad cholesterol so I'll find that out on my next visit in Feb.  High cholesterol runs in my family.  My mother who eats right is 5'2 and 120lbs has very high cholesterol so I'm really hoping on this one I got my fathers genes!


Yeah Ray, sounds like yu have a good team working with you. That old nasty government ran VA healthcare.  ;D

Thanks Randy,

I've got fasting blood tests, scheduled for tomorrow.  There also going to wire me up for an EKG.

I had my appointment on the 28th of December, and received my meds on the 4th of January.  That was quick !

I have another follow up appointment on the 19th of January ( probably to discuss the results of the blood tests from tomorrow.

Will also find out if blood pressure medication, will be needed. I've got a feeling....

Also had a very nice letter from the social worker for Ryan White, that I met in the VA.  Stated how much of a pleasure it was to meet with Ed and myself.  Had two more forms to fill out, and I had to get a couple more blood tests sent to her, showing a detectable viral load, and/ or a positive test result.

So, I got those mailed out last week.


Andy Velez:
Good luck with the latest tests, Ray. Here's hoping they continue in the direction of the numbers last month.

It's also good to read that you're getting responsive care in general.



Thanks Andy !! 



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