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I know, I know, it's only numbers, but....

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Just to let you all know, I received my blood tests results from the doctors office today. I had my final labs drawn on December 2nd,09.   The only test done were CD-4 and Vial load, and %

I've been anxiously awaiting these results, because on October 19th,09 ,  I decided to stop taking Viread, and only stay on Epzicom and Viramune. This was discussed with my ID doctor.

See here :

I am happy  to say, that the Viral load remains <48  and the t-cells are 392, with a % @ 13% !! The % went down from 14%

 I am not concerned though. It's been constantly up and down, by a least a percentage point or two, for quite a while.

I also have my ID doctor appointment set up with the VA on Monday December 28 @9:00 AM. This will be at the Main building , 5th Floor at Bay pines St. Pete. So, I am anxious for that , and also prepared, with all the necessary documentation and files from my doctor.

I already had my Primary care (VA) appointment on December 9th. This was just a short distance, from where I live. She could not order the HIV medications.  This is restricted through the ID doctor , that I will be seeing next Monday. She also wanted to schedule a Colonoscopy, but I wanted to hold off on that until I see the HIV specialist.

The VA clinic in Dunedin, Fl ( about two miles south from me) has relocated to a new building  2 miles north in Palm Harbor with 9,000 more square feet. I have another  appointment scheduled with the primary care on January 12th.

My blood pressure has been high.  When I was at the VA primary care, it was 161 /101.  I've been monitoring it here at home( since that visit) and it's been around 128/89

On December 9th,  The Primary care VA ( at the Clinic)  decided to start me on 40mgs of Simvastatin.  However, the pills are 80mgs, and they sent me a pill splitter for that purpose. I started that on December 20th

I have more than enough HIV  meds to hold me over, until I get the first shipment through the VA. I am good probably until the end of March. It pays to order meds ahead of time !!

The main thing is, at least on the the blood tests on December 2nd , I am still undetectable.  Also , the 392 t-cells ,  is the highest that number has been since starting meds on October of 2003.

Hopefully that will continue !!!  Everything seems to be on track and so far going smoothly with the VA.  But ( I found out ) there is a little bit of follow up and follow through with the VA, But I am not complaining at all !!


Ray, great news on the T-cells and viral load!  But I hope your blood pressure comes down.  Did the doctor say how long to monitor, in case you need to start meds for it?  I mean, you don't want to blow a gasket or anything.  Just concerned is all.  Again, congrats on the good numbers! :-*

Great news Ray,

If this is the first episode of high blood pressure it could be a case of "White Coat Syndrome" My BP is always through the roof when I go to the Doctors and then at home it drops by 30 points or more.
128/89 is not a bad number at all. It's considered borderline high.

The other numbers are encouraging and it's great news that the VA will be assuming your health care and the costs associated with it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2010


Those are numbers to be happy about!  I'm really glad this reduced combo is working for you.


Hey Ray,

That is great news!  ;D

Sounds like you will be doing OK with the VA. That is also good to hear.

I know a sigh of relief was probably in order when you saw those numbers.




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