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I know this probably sounds crazy, But I just have to get some sort clarity on the matter.

In May, 2005 i had unprotected vaginal intercourse and oral sex twice with the same partner.(to note, i have not had any other partner since)

In August 2005, I started showing symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes, swollen throat, light fever, etc. I went to the doctor and I tested positive for Mono. Of course this promtped me to decide to get tested for HIV. So in late October 2005, I went to planned parenthood and got a finger stick oraquick advance rapid hiv test which tested negative.

However, I had some fears that the oraquick advanced test might not be accurate and I possibly could have had a false negative.

As time went by and i found no peace, I decided again to get tested, this time in April of 2006(from the exposure of may 2005 of course), with the same method, finger stick with the ora quick advanced. Again it was negative result.

Recently, as in couple of weeks ago,  I have noticed that all my lymph nodes in my body have swelled up(neck, armpits, groin) again and are hurting, and I have been having a swore throat, and no other symptoms yet.

So my question is, can i finally put aside my fears of possibly having a false negative with the ora quick advance test?
Am i truly HIV negative?
Do i need to get a ELISA test, is one more accurate then the other?
Is it possible that HIV antibodies were not detected?
Does any anti-depressant medication interfere with the test result in oraquick advance, as I am currently on some, and was on at the time of screening.

I would greatly appreciate any help and insight you guys can offer, I really want to move on in my life, and I have learned my lesson dearly. Thanks all

Matty the Damned:

As I understand it the OraQuick test is as accurate as any other antibody test in use today. You tested well beyond the standard 13 week window period and thus your negative result is reliable. Please take the time to read our all singing all dancing Welcome Thread to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.

I would also encourage you to have a full STD screen. Diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea are far more prevalent and infectious than HIV and you would be wise to get tested. In addition sexually active people should have a full STD screen at least twice a year.

Use condoms and water based lubricant whenever you have anal or vaginal sex and you'll be OK.




Your mono infection should be of no concern in regards to HIV - mono is caused by Epstein Barr Virus and 95% of the worlds population is infected with it - i'm surprised you hadn't already been infected with EBV. EBV can be spread through casual contact and kissing - it is MUCH easier to contract than HIV.

As far as the OraQuick tests you've taken CONGRATULATIONS! You are HIV negative and I imagine you've learned your lesson as far as never engaging in sexual intercourse without a condom - until you and your partner have both tested negative for HIV.

A little about the OraQuick tests - they are essentially an ELISA in that they detect antibodies to HIV in the saliva rather than in the blood - if antibodies are present a chemical reaction causes a color change and this is viewed as a positive result - essentially the same as an ELISA with some minor, unimportant differences.  These tests are excellent at detecting whether or not someone is positive - the only issue i've heard surrounding the OraQuick is that they may be more prone to giving false positives - that is telling someone they're infected when in actuality they are negative.  You however had 2 negative results and have nothing to worry about in regards to HIV - except to make sure that from now forward you always practice safe sex. 

To answer the rest of your questions, no, no, and no.  There are no spins you could possibly put on this that would make two tests report false negatives.  It is simply scientifically impossible.  You're conclusively negative and any symptoms you're experiencing have nothing to do with HIV. 

You might be suffering a bit from the "worried-well" syndrome.  A (none psychologically approved) term which basically refers to someone who has tested negative several times but can't get past the fear and move on.  There are many people in this boat.  If you can't move on and accept your negative results, consider face to face counseling to help you get past this. 

Time to move on and enjoy life. Be safe, be well.

Thanks so much for the insightful feedback.

 I think you hit it right on the head scienceguy, its been a more then a year, 2 negative test results, yet I still have this fear that I might be HIV positive. OBviously, i could get tested every month by every test out there and it still wouldnt calm my fears.  I defintely need professional help to get control of my life back and to truly know that  I dont have HIV. However, i will be practicing safer sex in the meantime as well. thanks again guys.

be safe and thanks


I'm glad you are starting to think more clearly.  HIV is certainly a scary thing but hopefully you've now learned that you can continue to prevent becoming infected by following the safer sex advice on this site.  You truly don't have a thing to worry about and if this continues to bother you, I strongly encourage you to get a little face to face counseling. Don't waste any more time putting yourself through this kind of unnecessary stress and anguish.

Go out and enjoy life, just be safe.




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