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All in all, I thought it was a great 4 hour special. It made me feel really stupid for all of those years of ignorance, and it would make a great presentation to health classes when dealing with the topic of AIDS.

My only complaint is that Bush seemed to have gotten off the hook when it comes to his defunding and bastardization of AIDS plans. All they mentioned was his $15 billion dollar grant to Africa ( note that they didn't follow up on how much of the fund actually made it to Africa. ), and that there was 'controversy' over the fact that condoms were ignored in the Bush plan. No mentions of undercutting the $15 billion dolloar initiative, no word on his funding of country wide HIV plans. No mention of 'waiting lines' really shocked me. The only thing that went through my mind while watching it was, "Wow, those Republican figureheads they forced into PBS really did their job, I guess. Nice cover up, ***holes.".

Still worth the watch, though.

Hey Brandon! Good to see you over here in the new place.

I didn't get to see the program you're talking about as I'm in the UK, but I wanted to say hello.


Hello Brandon,

 I was only able to catch segments of this airing. I thought I had recorded it, only to find out, I had the VCR on the wrong channel. ???  I will have to watch for a re-broadcast.

You stated  "It made me feel really stupid for all of those years of ignorance"

Brandon, for all the years I have live with this virus, I  actually knew very little,about this virus, and was certainly not as active, in the political arena, as I should have, or could have been.
Sure, I made plenty of donations through the years,I was always able to speak to anyone, regarding my condition(as long as they wanted to listen), went to plenty of fundraisers.. I guess I got too comfortable in my own good health, with this virus, but at the same time, I will never forget so many that have passed on, and what others went through, for the meds that I am on today.

Take Care-----------Ray

Ann i'm downloading the program now if the quality is any good I can send you a copy if you'd like?


HI Brandon.

So good to see you posting here.  I was hoping you would tag along with the rest of us.

Yeah, I agree with you.  The first 2/3's was great.  I was in the SF Bay Area from the early 80's on and I was familiar with the DR's and City Health Care Directors they interviewed.  I didn't feel shame.  I just felt sad.  Too many memories.

But you're right about the Bush whitewash.  They glossesd over the fine details and that left a bitter taste in my mouth.


(I HATE BUSH...too)


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