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Hello to all.
In the past forum i saw topic in which HIVworker said: "There have been studies on oral sex, penetrative vaginal sex, anal sex, saliva, tears etc etc. They might not represent all of the possible transmissions but do represent a statistical argument that such activities as mutual masturbation do not pose a risk at all. There are, on occasion, exceptions but these have circumstances such as the presence of blood."
Can i ask what this means about this exceptions ? Is it posible to get infected if i touched vagina and then few minutes later i masturbate  and there maybe was some not so visible blood from menstruation. I touched only external part of vagina.
Thanx for answers.

No there was not a risk in your situation. Nothing to worry about.


Please read the HIV Transmission Lesson. It's new since you were posting on the old forums back in November 2005.

You didn't have a risk of hiv infection through what you describe. You were told this in your thread in November.


Thank you for answers.
I don`t know why i can`t leave this behind. I think about it every day. Maybe it is that when i looked informations on the web i found lots of     different informations. I know now that they are probably out of date... I read lots of topics on this site and i don`t visit other sites any more. Like i said i read lots of topics on "Am i Infected?" and i learned a lot.
So like you all said mutual masturbation is no risk for hiv. Even if there was some vaginal fluids there. I even don`t know if there was any of it there. Then i read the topic from HIVworker who also said that mutual masturbation is no risk but there are exceptions as the presence of blood.
Than my  brain starts asking was there any blood. I did`t saw it. Maybe i didn`t watch it. My brain play the game.
I must be rational so i respect all your professional opinions.
Thanks for all answers.


If you have to ask yourself if there was blood present, I can guarantee there couldn't have been enough to be a cause for concern.

You didn't have a risk of hiv infection.



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