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Oral Sex and Fingering


Two years and two months ago I picked up a hooker on Colfax Avenue in Denver Colorado. Iíd seen them so many times and curiosity got the best of me. Iíve always been a sexual person and like out of the ordinary things so this was rite in line with my wacky personality. I paid $50.00 for oral sex with a condom while I fingered her virginally and analy.

A few weeks after this experience I started getting mussel cramps in my calves, lost 10lbs over night, had sensitive nipples, geographic tongue, a rash on my chest, night sweats and got a flew like cold. Everyone from the people here to the CDC and Planed Parenthood told me my risk wasnít valid and didnít werenít testing.

For the last two years Iíve been living with the stress of the symptoms and trying to believe the advice of the experts. I lost my girlfriend and my business, gained 50lbs and live in a hotel room now. A few days ago I woke up got on the phone and made an appointment to see the Doc. Today I got in my car drove there and within an hour new that I was fine. Believe these people and donít be a Ben. I wasted YEARS of my  life being paranoid about my status.

what can i say? thank you. perhaps youīve read my neurotic thread?


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