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Question regarding lymph nodes

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As you are under eighteen, technically you should not be on this website. Either buckle down and learn about what is a risk and what isn't - and your breastmilk question was thoroughly answered in replies #8 and #9 - or I'm going to have to ask you to leave this website.

You haven't had a risk of hiv infection in anything you've brought to this forum. If you read the Transmission Lesson, you will see what actually is a risk. You mainly need to wear condoms for intercourse - when the time comes that you start having intercourse. Until then, stop worrying about sex. It's a natural part of life.


As a result of HIV infection, are there specific areas where lymph nodes get swollen or is it all over?  Additionally, is it normal to feel lymph nodes in the groin region where the legs connect to the pelvis (the crease area) or does it mean that if you can feel them they are swollen?  It's not like I have to go feeling around for them, since I know the locations of the lymph nodes if I put my fingers on those spots on the groin I can just feel the lumps.  I'm also confused on exactly what constitutes and looks like a swollen lymph node?

Is this still related to your tit sucking episode because if it is it should have went into that thread. If your wondering if your nodes are swollen then they aren't unless you continue to poke and prod, in which case they'll let you know soon enough to leave them alone.


I've merged your new thread into your original thread - where you should post all your additional thoughts or questions. It helps us to help you when you keep all your additional thoughts or questions in one thread.

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