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once agin im sorry matty, for my statements, im just worried, and i agree with all you have said, it is my own resposibility, and i regret what i have done, the only time i go out and do something like this in years and im left with concerns. i am still very much in contact with this girl, as she contacts me regulary, but i keep saying i am busy to avoid her, wrong i know, as i should express my concerns to her, i want to bring up with her, but dont know how to go about it? how do u say to somone im worried about hiv, have u been at risk?

cheers Ann, i did go to my doctor, and explain what i had done, and told him all my symptoms, i asked about testing but he said that it was not  a necessity, i also explained about the lump, but that went within minutes, and he thought nothing of that, but to put my mind at rest i would like the testing,
and i would like to talk to the girl to about how i feel,

DO NOT talk to the person... ONLY YOU are responsible for your sexual health and if you want to stick your dick into somebody unprotected it is ONLY your responsibility.

First she will think you are crazy.... and you can't rely on anything she tells you in any event.  Put that idea out of your mind right now.

Test at the appropriate time.


Are you telling me that a doctor told you that you don't need a full STI panel after having unprotected intercourse? Sheesh, no wonder chlamydia rates are growing by leaps and bounds in the UK. As I said, you don't always get symptoms with chlamydia infection.

You do need to test for hiv as well, but again, the odds are firmly in your favour that your result will be negative. The ONLY way to know for sure is to test at the appropriate time.

Go to your local GUM and tell them you want a routine STI panel NOW, and book a follow up appointment for an hiv test for twelve weeks after your incident occured.

If you want to pursue a relationship with this woman, by all means talk to her. However, if you're only wanting to talk to her for your own peace of mind, forget about it. You will still need to test no matter what. Many people are unaware that they have an STI, especially where something like chlamydia is concerned. I'm telling you, chlamydia is practically an epidemic amongst the 16 - 24 age group in the UK. Get checked out.


OK dingoBol comment noted, and i think that is fair to say, after all, you are correct in saying the information given is only on her word,
thank you


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