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New Zealander newly HIV+ in US. Please help!! Insurance and visa issues

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I believe that the answer to that question is you can enter again with no problem as long as you don't tell them at immigration you are HiV positive. You are not on meds which is good as you won't be carrying any  "incriminating evidence "
I don't know if those on work visas etc are required to sign a form declaring they are HiV negative, they certainly have to do that on a tourist visa at immigration and they can detain and even arrest and imprison you if they discover you are lying but it may not apply to you best to check at one of the HiV support centres in the US like the GMHC in New York.

Jackmax, Hope, and Mike. You may want to take a moment and read over the International guidelines for the U.S. Department of State:

Have the Best Day.

although well intended, i don't think that will help our friends very much, it is information for american travellers in other parts of the world. it doesn't cover entry into the USA.


I've had HIV for 17 years.  Regarding the issuance of visas and how your HIV status will affect them.  Make no mistake it could be a problem.  I married a Russian woman a couple years ago and it took a while to get her green card.  But it can be done.  But it must be done carefully and with thought.  One of the senior consulate officers came out to see my wife when the issued her I-551 because he had never seen a succesful waiver granted and wanted to see the person who managed to get one.  So my advice is to be careful.  But don't ever actually lie about something on your visa aplications that's the kiss of death right there.

If you can afford it you should speak to a lawyer who has handled HIV cases before.  The woman I used to get my wife's permanent residence was very knowledgable and skilled.  Here is her info.  I am not affiliated with her in anyway other than she was my lawyer for my wife's immigration and did a fantastic job.  One of the few lawyers I've ever used who was worth every penny.

Donna Scarlatelli, Esq.
Scarlatelli, P.A.
777 S. Palm Avenue
Suite 8
Sarasota, FL 34236

941-917--0058 (fax)

Hi NewZealander,

Welcome to the forum.  Your concerns are not unique.  I am in the same situation. I am also a university employee. There shouldn't be any issue with your insurance, because you are covered by the university.  They would not want to breach any HIPPAA laws.

Secondly, I would strongly urge you to avoid ADAP. If you want to adujst your status later, you want to show that you can survive on private insurance (and not dependent on state/govt funds), and taking ADAP could undermine that objective.

Re anonimity I guess your concern is that once you are tested and found +, you would be "identified" because of follow-up service.  This is generally true when you decide to seek care.  But the university or hospital would not compromise your health information and status.   If you were working for a small company (like under 25 people), I would be concerned. But with a large entity like a university, relax, and ensure you have access to good service.

Take, and keeep us posted....

Regards, Danny


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