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New Zealander newly HIV+ in US. Please help!! Insurance and visa issues

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i am in the same situation.. company is doing green card for me now... i know I need a waiver.. and I need a spouse to sponsor the waiver for me.
My concern will be in reference to the 25 or below employee company, what do i have to be worried about?

Please kindly advise.



I moved from New York to Toronto because of my HIV diagnosis. My green card was in the last stage and I had to go for Medical examination, which is when I chickened out and moved to Toronto.

There are 2 ways you can stay in US, from what I see:

1) Get married to a US citizen and file a HIV-waiver while applying for green card. You have to be extremely careful in this case. One mistake and you will be deported back.

2) Get Canadian citizenship and stay on TN-1 visa in US forever.

I'm sticking to second option now, since I already have Canadian Permanent Residency. Though that's a different story that I'll have to live in Canada for 4 years until I get my citizenship (and hopefully I won't freeze to death in this brutal cold weather! it's 23 degrees right now!).

And once I'm back (if at all, I'm falling in love with Toronto already ;-) ), I will try for option 1.

Hope this helps!


It may not be exactly the info you are looking for, but there might be some usefull links and other info for you that might help in this Aidsmeds posting called Traveling to the States:

Good luck with your issue and your health.


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