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Losing Medicare Part D and going back on ADAP

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OK, so, it looks like I'm now at 75% level of Extra Help, according to SSDI, last yr. I was 100% when my State Medicaid paid for my Part, A, B and D Premiums, now, my state no longer pays this anymore, and as a result of this action, this has created a snow-ball-effect, meaning, I'll have to pay 15% of all Meds Plus a Monthly Premium on top of that, what this means is that all of my HIV+ Meds will end up being about $150
a month each (I have about 5 HIV+ Meds) so since I cannot pay for this due to my low income status I will be forced to go back on my States ADAP Program in 2010.....

The Good News, ADAP will cover all of my HIV+ Meds, at no cost to me, the bad news, all other Meds I'll have to pay the 15% price tag, if I keep the Medicare Part D, so, my State's ASO case workers says, I don't need Part D anymore, and that my State ADAP will fulfill that requirement of having medicare part D
does anyone here know if this is the case, right now I'm so confused, I can just spit  ??? How in the hell can I loose medicare part D, this makes no since to me, anyone know what I should do about this?

Dennis, I don't know anything about this, sorry.  I just wanted you to know that I think it sucks, and I hope something can be worked out somewhere.

Jeff G:
Hi Dennis , I am afraid I cant help at all ether although I should be an expert after my dealings with medicaid in my state last year . I even hired a consultant to help sort it all out to no avail . I finally realized that in my case the best thing to do was to do the just wait and see approach . Good luck and please keep us posted . I might need more info myself one day soon .     

Hey Dennis,

You already know I know nothing, but I'm sorry that your world is being changed.
 I only like change that I initiate.

The answer is yes................   so far.  I was talking to an HIV/AIDS advocate yesterday, that works the halls of congress, and he stated that so far, most states are still covering co-pay.  This of course is very tenuous at this point as most states are dredging up all the spare change they can find, and HIV funding, while isolated to HIV by law, is still a very large temptation to many fiscal agents of the states. 

So, if your case manager says that they will cover the co-pay; they are right at this point.  I urge you to take care of this as soon as possible, because nothing in Ryan White is etched in stone until Washington brings down the hammer and forces the states to not fuck with our Congressionally blessed and approved funding. 


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