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hi beautiful people :)
i have been reading this forum since early may. you're doing a great job!
within this time interval i haven't posted a topic concerning my so-called-low-risk situation because wherever i go and ask about my condition i was considered as a well worried person. (this is probably because hiv is not a serious pandemic in my country: turkey)
i also could not find an opportunity to speak with a real hiv expert.
i saw a dermatologist, an urologist, and an infection expert. but none of them was an hiv specialist.

my story:
in april 1st, just before my 24th birthday, i had a protected vaginal intercourse with a dutch sex worker in Amsterdam RLD. the young lady, without asking my permission or explaining the reason, rubbed some oily lubricant on the condom before the intercourse. without  knowing about the risk of this action, i had lived a happy one week until i realized a purple spot under the skin of my penis. i don't like talking about the symptoms, but this spot worried me so much, because it was at the end of a capillary vein. my anxiety increased as i found 3 more similar spots the other day. it was a very unusual thing for me.
unluckily, pharyngitis began the next day, and form then on, i found myself in a nightmare.
i lived ARS symptoms beginning by the 2nd week. at the same time, people around me had a similar season illness. everybody was cured within 1 or 3 weeks, but for me, it was a mild and unusually long-termed disease followed by a 2,5 months dry cough. i also had 1 month-rash on my face beginning by the 3rd month. finally, (the worst) since 21st day i have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and left groin. anyways, i don't want to recognize these things.

for me it is unbelievable, but all my tests has come negative!

Day 19 and 137:        ANTI-HIV 1/2
Day 23 and 27:          HIV P24 Ag + IgG Ant (COMBI)

on 137th day i also had a blood count, all numbers remain in the reference range:

WBC : 7760 /mm3
LYM: 2360 /mm3
CD3 : % 76,65                           60.00 - 85.00
CD4 : % 33,05                           29.00 - 59.00
CD8 : % 36,31                           19.00 - 48.00
CD4/CD8 : 0,91                          0.60 - 2.80
CD45 : % 96,15

TOTAL CD3 : 1808/mm3
TOTAL CD4 : 780/mm3
TOTAL CD8 : 860/mm3

everything looks fine on the paper, but having the cd4/cd8 ratio below 1, after living a bunch of symptoms, is quite scary. i have a solid negative result just before the 20th week, but i cannot explain myself why i have had this story!

after all things i have lived and learned about hiv, i have an hiv hypothesis, this is the single answer to the questions in my mind:
"a body may host the virus, but this does not mean it causes an infection. there can be clinical or laboratory symptoms but the body may somehowovercome the effects and the actions of the virus. this depends on the risk of exposure, the amount of virus taken, and the other bodily conditions"

this hypothesis explains why so many people with specific symptoms don't seroconvert, and they remain healthy and negative in their lives. i have also read that other primates can inhibit their immune-deficiency viruses by special proteins (not antibodies). moreover in the UK one luckily guy could beat the virus in the 14th month of his exposure. all these info supports my hypothesis.

i'd be very happy if you can comment on my scenario. and i  have a final cliché to ask.

"should i retest?" ???


Not only are you hiv negative, you never had a risk. I'm quite sure the sex worker would not have used lube that would harm the condom. She uses condoms to protect herself, not you.

Your theory is about as wrong as you can get. The production of antibodies would not be affected by anything in your theory. The hiv tests do not look for the virus itself, they look for the p24 antigen and the antibodies. Your test results reveal that you have neither. There are such people known as long-term non-progressors and they control the virus by themselves (like in your theory) but they ALWAYS test positive on the antibody tests.

And that UK case you mention was disproved.

You didn't have a risk to begin with. Condoms have been proven to protect against hiv infection. You are about as hiv negative as you can get.

You need to show the purple spot on your penis to a doctor. It's nothing to do with hiv.


thanks ann, :)

i am just wondering why i lived all these. for a long time i have considered myself positive. nowadays, i am trying to restorate myself. i hope i will overcome this difficulty too.


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