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Ann and everybody:

Thanks for the reassurance and kind words in the old forum over my situation.

So wired, i have noticed 13 small bumps( rashes) on the right side of my forearm this afternoon(they popped up just mins ago), they are a little bit itchy, not red ones. I know symptoms means nothing, and the timeline is late for any ARS symptoms to show up. I have been drinking a lot these days( yesterday and this morning, due to anxiety and depression) I'm wondering could this drinking thing yield those little bumps?? Man, that's really really annoying me, especially when i am waiting for the test result in couple of days. I really hope am not infected over an extremely low risk and negative in 9 weeks.. :'(

Next couple of days will be difficult again for me, hopefully another negative is waiting for me. I'm tired of this and just wanna go home.. :'( :'(

Thanks again, have a nice day..



In the old forum you have a thread that is 82 posts long in which you posted 44 times, and you still want to talk symptoms?

We've told you repeatedly that symptoms mean nothing.

Let us know when you get that negative result.


Andy Velez:
You're still counting bumps?

Hopefully when you receive the inevitable negative result you will be willing to let go of this unwarranted fear about HIV.



Thanks for helping me through this VERYdifficult time in the past months, I am very very glad that my result came back negative again! Just as you predicted! This is 12 weeks and a day past the exposure, i know the result is conclusive and its time for me to move on and head back home kiss my Mom, also please accept a kiss from me, DEEPLY from my heart.

Also thanks Andy; Morgan; Jonathan, Ropidrod,and so many pepole who gave me supports and advises in the past.

Take care guys, i've learned so much valuable things from this time, and i'll never ever put me into this kinda risky situation again. ;D

Love you all



See, all that worry for nothing!  Glad to hear it.

Take care,
Morgan :)


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