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desperately looking for help

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You didn't have a risk. Condoms have been proven to be very effective when it comes to preventing hiv transmission.

Successful hiv transmission occurs INSIDE the human body as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. You only need to worry about cuts on your penis if you are putting your cut penis inside an anus or vagina without a condom on it. You did NOT do this and so you had no risk. None at all.

Please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use condoms with confidence.


Well i'd just like to add on what Ann has to informatively described, i had a similar experience where i thought i could have been infected by any secretions on the partner's hands after she removed my condom with her hand, so i thought i could get infected by that, but it JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN.

hiv transmission happens inside the human body & unprotected intercourse (anal,vaginal) carries a risk, but from ur experience that's not the case....

& just so u know, i had cuts & abrasions on my penis too!!!

I tested reliably Negative at 13 weeks, & wish you will too!

Test at 13 weeks for a conclusive result...if you have any doubts, but you had no risk!!!

all the best!


Matty the Damned:

Whilst it's nice that you want to help, you really aren't in any position to give advice to others. Leave that to those of us who know what we're doing. You would do well to keep your comments in your own thread.



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