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I am really worried about an encounter that took place a while back.  I was on vacation in Europe and visited a brothel. I ended up with a prostitute and the following happened during the encounter:

-Protected insertive oral sex.
-Protected vaginal intercourse (for a very short while).
-I briefly sucked on one of her nipples.
-For a short while, the women licked and sucked on my testicles.

Its that last thing that has me really worried.  I am almost certain the condom was intact and unbroken during the vaginal.  The one thing that is also driving me crazy is that I allowed her to take the condom off.  She took it off with a towel, and proceded to wipe my penis a bit with the towel. Is there a possibility some vaginal fluid from the condom could cause me problems (I'm pretty sure the condom did not come in contact with me when she was wiping). 

Still, given all of this, I am going out of my mind with worry.  Can one of they experts on this site please provide some feedback?

Thanks, and I appreciate any help you can give.

Matty the Damned:
There is absolutely no risk of HIV transmission from this sexual encounter. You practiced safe sex. Well done! Please read our Welcome Thread to learn about how HIV is and is not transmitted.



I appreciate your reply.  However, things keep playing out in my mind.  After we finished the vaginal intercourse, and the condom was still on.  Its possible that some vaginal fluids could have gotten on my pubic area where the condom was resting. Then , after she took the condom off and wiped me with the towel, I continued to lay on my back for about a minute longer, and my penis could have come in contact with the skin where the condom had been resting.  This is really freaking me out.  Does anyone have any info on risk/similar situations of what I describe? Moderators, your answers are greatly appreciated.

Matty the Damned:

I read what you wrote and I can assure you HIV is just not transmitted from what you report. HIV is a very fragile virus and it's particular about the sorts of cells it will infect. This are just not found on the surface of your penis. HIV is transmitted internally, ie inside your body. Which explains why it's spread through unprotected anal or vaginal sex.

Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread.



According to the Lessons section, it says

"For men, HIV must enter through a cut or abrasion on the penis, through the lining of the urethra inside the penis."

I am in a panic because I feel like it is possible I could have been exposed this way.  Do any of the other moderators care to weigh in?


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