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I am officially freaked out

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Andy Velez:
First of all I have merged your threads. It's a rule of the site to always put all entries in this same threads and to not start new ones for each question.

Once again you are worrying needlessly. He could have been dripping fresh cum all over your front and back and it wouldn't have been a risk. HIV is a fragile virus and sexually is transmitted only through unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as you consistently use condoms for those activities you will be effectively protected.

There is no cause for concern this time nor any need for testing. Period.

Did not anticipate this situation.  I am now freaked out.  Hoping you can shed some light.

I received a massage.  It turned a bit sexual.  He ended up masturbating me.  My concern is that when he orgasmed he had his hand out to catch his fluids but a small amount flew over his hand and it landed on my stomach area and i do not know exactly where.  I jumoed in eth shower a couple of minutes later and soaped up and washed off.  Then, I looked at the area and i had three tiny little pimples 91 visisble, two nearly not visible) that were not bleeding or opened but were there with what looked like either heads or developing heads on them.  While he said he treated every client as if they were negative, practices very safe sex and is negative, I know you can not always believe people.  So, if his fluids got on any one or all of these teeny tiny pimples, is that a risk for hiv infection?

Again, I am sorry if this is the start of a new thread. I just was not sure what to do to avoid that.

Thanks very much.

Andy Velez:
As you have been asked before, keep all entries in this same thread. Once again your entries are all merged here.

You are again worrying needlessly. The only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. That's it. Use condoms for those acitivities everytime and you will be well protected against HIV.

You're fairly  new to sexual activity with men. Along with being exciting that can also be anxiety provoking. Perhaps you would benefit from talking with a professional like a therapist to sort out your feelings a bit. You are worrying unnecessarily about HIV again.

All you have to do is to protect by using condoms for intercourse. The activities you are worried about are not risks for HIV transmission. Period.

Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your support.  Here is my situation.

I met another guy, we went on a date and ended up open mouth kissing for a while and doing frottage though I had my pants on.  He brushed his teeth just before we started to kiss.  I thought nothing of it and did not ask him his status because I was not going to have sex with him and thought it would be invasive to ask given my expectations.  I did not have any sort of sex with him outside of kissing I barely touched his penis for a few seconds.  After we kissed for a while and then fell asleep, I woke up and went to the bathroom.  I noticed in his bathroom on the sink a prescription with a name I did not understand.  I looked it up when I got home and it is a herpes medication that hiv positive folks use, famvir. It scared me after learning this because my concern is that while I did not have any open wounds in my mouth, he had just brushed his teeth, and what if he has gingivitis and bled into my mouth.  I did not taste any blood or see any blood.  Would this sceanrio if he were positive create a risk of infection opportunity for me?  Would the blood have to be visible and something that I could taste for it to be a risk?

Thanks in advance for all your help and guidance.

I am really sorry that you have been given obsolete and incorrect HIV transmission information.

You DO NOT - repeat - DO NOT - get HIV from kissing. Open mouthed, chapped lips, whatever details you want to throw at it. You DO NOT. Saliva is NOT an infectious fluid - moreover, it contains over a DOZEN different elements that neutralize HIV and render it unable to infect (I added that last in case you had queries about blood in mouth/flossing and whatnot).

Kissing is fine. Kissing an HIV infected person is fine.

Use a condom for penetrative sex and don't share IV drug needles and you will avoid HIV.

Yes, it really is that simple.

*edited to add:

A) PLEASE keep all your posts in the same thread.

B) You have asked an almost IDENTICAL QUESTION already. This leads me to believe that you might harbor an irrational fear of HIV that science (and this forum) cannot address.


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