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OK Im Callin' B.S.

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On this Jon Benet  MURDER CONFESSION,   it  didnt add up from the first report and its just getting more pathetic and fake as the story unfolds. This Douchebag supposadly gave out some info to a TRUE 'CRIME' WRITER on the INTERNET from his pedophile nest in THAILAND ,,, hmmm now theres three really fucking reliable sources.... 
We've been clobbered with some WAAAY overpublicised fake news stories lately, and this one is no exception.
Call Oprah, she'll probablly hang upon you. then Look up J.T Leroy for his  2 worth...  gimme a break.
In the memorable words of Charles Bronson.. " SHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEIAAT"

Who dares to ask if anyone  else knows which Bronson movie that quote is from....


It's sensationalism, y'know, so you don't have to read about Iraq and gas prices

I'm for giving him lethal injection and continuing the investigation to find out who the real killer is.

Oh, he's a pedo' allright and a particularly unctious one...Jesus he even LOOKS like a child molester..  and just how obvious do you have to be if you set off warning bells in BANGKOK !!!   but did he pull off the  Jon Benet killing ?... Nope, and he's about 14 minutes into his 15 of fame.
Next up: the tearfull admission/apology for falsely confessing and a desire to seek psychological counseling.... hopefully followed by a fairly long sentence to one of our obscure and nasty human cesspools....

Maybe he can marry the "runaway bride" and live happily ever after.


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