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I'm trying this whole blogging thing.

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I figure, I like to write and it's free so I might as well try it. However, what good is a blog that only you read, hmm? I do private writing already...that's why I have journal (or volumes of them really...ok so maybe I was an angsty teenager)  Well, my friend made me this banner looking dealie a while ago and I think I might use it.

It's nothing yet...I only did one entry last night.

awkward silence.


oh it's

EEEEP  !    Dont give up!!,  I started bloggin right after my diagnosis and its a real lifesaver ! Great way to blow off steam or laugh at yourself or wax poetic/philisophical,  bessides Id LOVE to read it , youre one of my favorite writers here If I ever make it into your neck of the woods, we simply MUST do shots and boy bars....

Aw thank you! I know the PERFECT boy bar you have to go's not something to be missed! =) I do warn though....I do sing when drunk.

Numa Numa ???   we could make money with that act..


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