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HIV+ friend, anal fingering, cuts on fingers, please help!

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Oh! Thank you both!!! I do feel extremely relieved. I do tend to have anxiety issues over things I fear a loss of control about. I have read on here that when someone thinks the 'symptoms' are from anxiety, they usually are, damn meds can't get here quick enough! lol! I really do feel alot better and appreciate your responses. Thank you specifically Ann on the big NO for viral load. I didn't realize the risk of a false positive. Wow, that wouldve pushed me off the deep end for anxiety!

I also started looking for reasons other than HIV for my rash. It is possible an antihistamine I recently started could be the culpret. I stopped taking it today to try the idea, well see. I do intend to follow thru with my doc on any other 'symptoms', waiting for the CBC to come back... and the meds to kick in.

Sadly due to my anxiety, I do still feel the need to test again in a few weeks. Likely because my friend is positive and it's not a what if on that. Who knows, maybe by then the meds will kick in (hmmn, have I said that enough?) and I'll 'let it go' LOL!

I truly enjoy your certainty and confidence regarding my issue. The service you provide is priceless for piece of mind! Thank you!

on another note... is there anything that can be done for horrid nightmares for those taking Sustiva and Truvada? Should I post that Q in another tread? OK, Thanks again!!!!!!


If you must test, wait at least until the six week point, for reasons stated in #2 of my other post. By the way, it will be negative.

If you want to ask questions on behalf of your friend, post in the appropriate forum. It might be a better idea to encourage him to join us and ask for himself. You can also check out the Lessons and Drugs sections of this website (link in upper left corner of any forum page) and print out the relevent pages.


I'm trying to believe I'm negative but the symptoms are out of control. The rash is all over my entire body and I can find no reason for the cause! Please, I beg you tell me where to find infomation on the ARS rash appearance. Where is manifests, what it looks like.

No it not the symptoms that won't stop,  it is you that won't stop. Go to your doctor to find out what your rash is about, it's not about HIV.

Ok I can appreciate that and I know I need a good smack so thank you. Even so, the info I'm finding which is lacking is leading me to think it is ARS. I've been to my doc, had CBC and other various tests done trying to find an answer. My initial visit the rash was on my stomach, arms and legs... not thinking then, I just noticed now its on my back and ass as well. I intend to find an answer, but I can't get the HIV thought out of my head. Sorry to be a pain in the ass, my hemmroids must be flaring ; )


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