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HIV+ friend, anal fingering, cuts on fingers, please help!

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Hi all, Ok I'm absolutely ready to say it.... YOU WERE RIGHT! Although there is something amiss with my health, it is not, nor was it ever caused by HIV. The timing on all this just really sucked!
I tested negative today on a rapid test, 6wks 2days after our last encounter. So that would mean I'm absolutely in the clear, at least for HIV? I have seen other postings for a 13wk test, do I need to concern myself? I know no risk on the fingering, you've all drilled that into my head (many thanks for putting up with me) but multiple encounters, unseen mishaps? I'm not going to 'worry' anymore, promise.
Thanks again


Considering you never had a risk through fingering, you can take your six week test to be conclusive. You are hiv negative, just as we suspected.

Just make sure you are protecting yourself in future by insisting your partner uses condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse - or use the female condoms I mentioned to you earlier - and you will remain hiv negative. Please do not have unprotected intercourse until you are in a securely monogamous relationship where you have tested negative together.

Use condoms and avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple!



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