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what a night we had...Update

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Hello everyone

Have to share a bit of news with you all.

Lastnight, my daughters boyfriend stopped by and took us out to eat, under false pretenses might I add.
He asked us for our blessing to marry our daughter! OMG! I didn't know guys still do this sort of thing!

They are leaving tomorrow to go to New York for a week, I have to keep a straight face until they leave LOL His plans are to ask her on the Brooklyn Bridge

They have been dating since she was a senior in high school, she's 24 now and just got her masters degree. What a year this is gonna be for her!

OK, I just had to share this news with everyone, got to finish getting ready for work now.

Have a wonderful day

Nadine (who is smiling from ear to ear!)

fantastic! but very very expensive.


Congratulations!    :)

You can always FORBID them to marry.. then they will elope and save ya some cash <grin>

Seriously, congrats. He sounds like a keeper for your daughter!

On the Brooklin Bridge ?? what happened to the roof of the Empire State Building ???


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