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starting meds soon, any suggestions?

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Hi everyone, how's it going?  It's been a long time since I posted, hope all is doing well.  I have decided to start the meds regime and have a few questions in mind.  I just want to find out about the meds as much as possible as I am a bit nervous about it.  My doctor had done an adherent test and I am not resistant to any of the meds.  She said that I can take 2 pills a day.  Is there a combination of meds that would give me more energy? And the toxicity of the meds to the body, is it bad?  How about the side effects, which I am afraid of.  If anyone can share their experiences, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


hMy post in this thread may be helpful.

- matt

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I started Sustiva and Truvada 2 days ago. I am having a terrible headache today`s afternoon. It this disappearing now. Just when I have to take a new dose. But at least I sleep like a baby.

Hello Justin, it is Eldon. It is good to hear from you and to know that you are doing well. From my own experience, I too had the concern of toxicity of the meds when I started earlier this year.

I then went on Epzicom and Reyataz and I have not had any noticeable side effects (knock on wood). As for the energy, I don't know of a regimen that will give you more energy. We had a thread talking about fatigue and testosterone, you may want to look that up.

It is not as bad as you think, it is mostly psycological.

I started Sustiva/Truvada on July 23rd.  The first couple of days I was dizzy as hell, but that only lasted for 2 days.  I am still get tired from the combo during the day, but my Dr. seems to think this will go away soon.  Over all I am feeling pretty good.
Yours, Dan


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