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THIS is what I want for Christmas from Santa


Took this video at the State Fair. I want one too...   ;D

I was wondering whatever happened to Jim J. Bullock :)

WOW  he's kind of scary it a remote control thing?

Look at the size of those hands!!  Any correlations? ;D


--- Quote ---WOW  he's kind of scary it a remote control thing?
--- End quote ---

This was huge. It did sound like Jim Bullock actually and had his humor. But when this thing started walking towards me, it was quite unnerving at the huge size. Could be quite scary if not for the Jim Bullock humor.

There is a person inside. Its called a body puppet with high tech controls and computer altered voice with live interaction.

Now I know how Patrica Neal felt when Gort came looking for her. This company should make a Gort "DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" look alike robot. That would be awsome.

Heres a little more info:


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