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Internet Connection on New Laptop

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Well I bought a new laptop...its sweet and Im trying it out the next few weeks to decide if I like it.

Anyway, I want to use the I took the network cable on my old computer and connected it to the laptop... no dice.

Is there more entailed to connecting to the internet besides connecting the network cable?



Jeff, what are you running? DSL or Cable?

Its my cable modem from my cable company.
I tried many things and still nothing.  I guess I will call the cable company tomorrow.

This sucks.

First thing to do...

Open up Internet Explorer and click on TOOLS and then on INTERNET OPTIONS.  Once there, click on the CONNECTIONS tab and then click on LAN SETTINGS.  Tick the little box that says "AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS".  Make sure nothing else is checked and hit OK twice and close Internet explorer. 

Start Internet Explorer again and see if that works.   :)


Thanks, Patrick.  I was one step ahead of you and has already done that.  I iwll call my cable company and see what they have to say.  Or maybe this laptop is just going back.

Im aggravated. LOL


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