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Come on Bill, Do we really need hedlines like this?

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I am a huge Clinton supporter, but I must say I am baffled by this story, and his backing of the Bush Administration. In the same story, he (Thankfully) goes on to say that abstinence doesn't work. I don't know what's going on here, but I must say that it is disappointing to me that Mr. Clinton chose to use his clout to back Bush. I just don't get this. Any thoughts you have I would love to hear them!
Thanks, Jeff

Hello Jeff, I find it intersting that Bill Clinton has decided to use his clout in such a manner backing the Bush Administration.


I think Clinton simply stated the truth.  That program on the whole is good and needs to go forward.  You've got the religous right bs intertwined in it which is annoying, but much better than nothing.  What is important is getting the drugs to those who need it.  I think this is what Clinton sees.

I'm hardly a Bush supporter.  This really says nothing about how he's handled the situation at home. 


Good God, I lost respect for my favorite politician (can the words "respect" and "politician" even stay on the same line of type?) when I read the transcript of Clinton's remarks.

Abstinence-only policies are working? LOVE to see the data on that.

Circumcision instead of condoms? Sure, because developing countries with poor sanitation and minimal healthcare sure could handle an unnecessary surgical procedure without complications on a wide scale.

Am I the only one who realized that the circumcision issue would be rendered moot if condoms were used? And that spending money and resources to circumcise a population in a developing country (often in complete opposition to religious beliefs, i.e. Hindus) not only dwarfs the amount needed to advocate condoms and preventative gel, but does NOT significantly the risk for HIV transmission to the female from the male. When do girls get to live?

I agree with him that getting HIV treatment to developing countries should be a priority. But not ever, ever at the expense (or the sacrifice) of science-based prevention methods specifically targeted to the cultural and developmental needs of a nation and it's people.

If he was trying to get countries to accept the strings-attached aid from the US and UN, and giving a wink to those in the know who intend to find ways around the restrictions, well... I sure didn't see that wink.

Very disappointed.

You guys don't get it. Willy will change his story before the week is out, he always has. I cant remember a time when he hasn't stood on each side of an issue. It all depends on the crowd  who is paying him to speak or whose votes he is trying to a get and sometimes he just forgets what he is talking about he is so busy listening to his own wonderful voice.
I'll never forget when he spoke in Houston in the 90s right after he raised taxes. He told the audience he had gone way too far and it was a mistake. The next day he said it was "lack of sleep" or a misunderstanding and by the end of the month his story was he had never said it.
I know other people like Willy. They cant help themselves and often lie even when the truth isn't too bad. Bill is a hypnotic speaker, but if you listen closely the content of what he is saying often makes absolutely no sense, his voice and manner of speaking is second to none. He is a master of bullshit.

I think he may be trying an end around for Hillary. There is much discontent in the Republican party over the lack of spending control and conservatism by the big government,spend as much as you can Bush government. If they can just get a couple percentage points from the Reps, they can win. If they can soften Hills image and make her appear a moderate and not the radical leftist that everyone on my side remembers from the 90s they may keep the republican base at home. As it stands now a Hillary candidacy is one the few ways the reps win in 2008, because Hill is such a polarizing figure. If Will can work his magic on the unsuspecting the same way he did in the 90s maybe, just maybe.


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