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I've stopped taking all meds. How long before my body detoxifies?


I have been on meds for over 15 years, and my current regimen was Epivir, Invirase, Delavirdine, and  Ritonavir.  My T-cell count is over 700, and undetectable viral load.
My doctor suggested I stop ALL meds, for about 3 months, and see what happens.  If my count drops below 350, the doctor wants to start me on the new 3-in-1 once a day pill that has just been approved.
I agreed to give it a try, hoping I would soon start to feel better (IE: less fatigue/tiredness, etc), after my body readjusted to not having the mega doses of drugs.
It's been about 4 days so far, with no aids medications, and I cant tell if I feel any better or not. I almost feel "more toxic" , in a way.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had stopped treatment, and how did you feel afterwards?
Thanks for any input, in advance.


The wash-out period on this combi s kinda short, maybe a week a most. 

The time til serious HIV replication is 5+ days, and it is possible, since its a virus, you will feel like you have flu.

The new one-pill-three-meds tablet is convenient but it is not a magic bullet.  It may suit, it may not.  There are plenty of good 1 x day combos now, each with their own advantages and disadvantages (albeit more than 1 pill).

- matt

Thanks matt, for the info.

I think one of the reasons my doctor wanted to try a different combo, was due to the extreme cholesterol count, and triglycerides.  I cannot take statin drugs, due to previous rhabdo.

If I start feeling really flu-like, I'll definitely check back with the doc, but I'm hoping (as do we all) for the best.

I could tell the difference in a couple of day. Solid bowel movements,no depression,more energy,and I lost much fat. I felt great for the three years I was off drugs.


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