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Tested HIV+ almost a month. Gotta start medication. Can't believe it.

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Hi all:

Well, I do not know exactly what to say. The only thing I can think about is that I am here, for some reason I do not clearly understand. Perhaps not to feel alone. Perhaps, to know that there are others like me. i have very good friends , who have been with me in everything (From the college time, they know I am gay, they were the first I called when I tested positive).

What Can I say about me? well I am a 25 years old guy from Colombia (Southamerica). I have been in ths US and Europe in vacations. And God, I am afraid.

Well, that's all.


Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forums.  Things will get better soon!  Keep your head up.  Getting a positive diagnosis can be you're not alone.

Do you have any local support organizations where you can find out if there are any support groups or counseling available for people who are HIV positive?


It's great you have good friends. We're here for you and I predict you will regard us as a tremendous help in many areas e.g. disclosure, bloodwork, asking your healthcare provider tough questions, etc. .......HIV is global so you're not alone. Just curious: Who told you you "Gotta" start medication? What reasons did they give you? WHEN did they say you "Gotta" start? ~~ Alex

Hello Alexander, it is Eldon. Welcome to the forums where you will find understanding, support, love, and answers to many of your questions relating to HIV/AIDS.

Feel free to vent your feelings here on the forum.

alex..   I experienced the same thing.. month after diagnoses  and had to start meds,    been a year now and im doing very well   so dont fret it..   goodluck


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