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Pub Crawl - AMG06 ( suggestion )

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The Canuck:

If you don't disturb the peace..and don't hit everything moving on the sidewalks then you shouldn't have any problems. I don't think they can give ticket for that. When arrested for drunk and driving you're not only getting a go to jail...and to court.  8)

The Canuck
(Who will bring apples to Tim in jail)

AMG 06 Pub Crawl Train! LOL

[attachment deleted by admin]


You can call him Mr. Difficult.  But whatever you do, don't refer to him as that "God Damn Mr AMG GUy". 


Edited to add I'm making light of MR AMG GUY.  Let is be known he is one kewl dude high on my list of "DUDES"


Oh DAN!!! You ain't right, boy.

Have we made any provisions for bail money? ........or is that the REAL reason that David and I have been nominated?
We get to be the bail respondants. ;D

UHEM ! I think we should eat together before crawling, so I have time to put a little saltpeter into you boys before you get out of hand. :o ::)


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