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Combusting Laptops

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It was on the news this morning too...and its NOT just DEL.....
apparently certain lithuim batteries are short circuiting and causing fires and explosions.
If you have a might wanna check to see if your battery is on the LIST.

Boo Radley:
I don't really like my newest laptop so I'll douse it with lighter fluid and accidentally drop a lit match nearby, list or no list.

I wonder if the fire marshall would believe I happened to be out of the house with my 4 dogs and 12 cats when the accident occurred?   I was on a hurricane evacuation drill, of course!

Thanks for the great idea, guys!  The insurance company will surely cancel my policy at renewal time so I might as well make as much as I can before the milk train stops running.


" Dude, Youre Gettin a OOOOOOOOWWWWW SHIT FIRE !!!!"

I think therefore iMac..    Just Sayin'

Several years ago a guy was admitted to the hospital with 2nd degree burns on his penis.  He apparently was using his laptop in the nude and didn't realize how hot it got.

Thank goodness that dude didn't get a Dell.


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