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i got hiv??? so scared

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Me english bad...

Me went to massage parlour in Canada...

I had a big, deep fresh cut on middle finger...bleeded A LOT an hour before and still had hanging skin on very fresh cut...

I fingered lady so much...20 minutes with the same finger...she had so much fluids on my finger....i know...

I already feel tired and have sore throat!!!..

we had intensive body rub...but no insertive....i did not wear condom at all...

next day i went to psrlour and asked to see the lady...but the person at desk told me the lady doesnt work there anymore coz she had heavy drug usage and other STDs...didnt tell which stds me sure infected.....

No risk, why? If your finger would have been that lacerated and bleeding you wouldn't have used that finger to finger her and for the rubbing no risk in that either.

no excitement...i forgot...i sometimes even felt that pain...then changed fingers and again used the old finger that was i sure used the hurt finger...for fingering most time..should i take PEP?

NO you don't need PEP.

so shoiuld me even get tested?...please help!!!


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