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Cool Storm


We had the best storm this afternoon. It was a warm, sunny winter day but in the afternoon this thick black cloud blew in. The sky grew dark and then that eerie green when you know a big storm is about to hit.
It bucketed down, lots of rain, but mainly pea sized hail.
It was all over in half an hour.

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That looks like snow to me.

Winters in CAlifornia are a big dud.  Just rain.  Oh I guess it snows in the Sierras but it can rain at the same time.

I grew up in Colorado.  Summer rains would come storming in every afternoon.  The smell was unmistakable.  The skies would get dark.  The temperature would drop 10-20' in minutes.  Thunder and lightening.  The skies would open up and it would just rain cats and dogs.  Then the storm would blow over, the sun would come out and everything was fresh and clean.

We just don't get those storms in California.  I really, really miss them.


We just dont

The last time I was able to hunt in Colorado I helped set up a base camp at around 10,000 feet in the mountains. That was on a Sunday in November. By Monday we were packed and trying to drive out of the mountains while a blizzard did it's best to bury all of us. Typical of Colorado winter storms.

We also get hail in the spring, anything from pea to golf ball size and sometimes larger still. The hail does lots of damage in Colorado.


Nice pics. Did you go out and play or just slush around in the stuff?


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