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A series of blows..

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You said it perfectly ACinKC!


--- Quote from: bc0203 on August 15, 2006, 04:48:03 AM ---The odds of me developing an opportunistic infection during the next six months is about 10-15%.  With this in mind, I need to get vaccinated against OIs NOW rather than wait around.

I may have to go through more than one co use of antivirals to achieve viral suppression, if this is possible at all, given where we are starting.

--- End quote ---

  If you want, tell us what vaccinations have been ordered for you e.g. Pneumovax ...This forum family, which youre now part of, can be of tremendous help to you if you choose to share your doctor's plan of action with us. The knowledge and experiences here reflect amazing depth. 

Hi bc,
Welcome! I agree with Ann, do you think you are newly infected? If yes, your numbers can increase once the initial fight in your body is over.

If no, I think you have reason be more optimistic in your thoughts. Many, many people find that their cd4 counts climb, and their vl drop significantly when started meds. I personally have had a very low cd4 count for years, and only in the past year have I have some health problems. Try not to let the numbers and the odds decide how you are going to feel. A number is a range, or a guideline for the doctors. If you would drop down below 200 on your cd4's- prophylactic meds for pcp would be started, an examination of your eyes.

Your health is based on how you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually. Eat well, sleep well, moderate exercise, don't abuse drugs or alcohol, go to all your doctor appointments, take all your meds as directed. If you feel a little off, call the doctor.

It sounds like you have a really good medical team working with you. And if you want all the info shared you will probably have to sign a waiver saying it is okay for all the info to be shared. Plus, a gentle reminder at your appointments will help.

Hang in there. It gets better with time.


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