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Lymph nodes

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Are there lymph nodes near the ear, just outside the external canal? 

I can feel a swollen ball near my ear.  It feels like a swollen lymph node.  My lymph nodes (particularly on my neck) have been swollen recently (along with daily night sweats), so I figured the virus must be raging a storm up in my nodes.

Miss Philicia:
Yes, this can occur up near your ears, and night sweats can happen when they are swollen as far as I know.


hi cliff.

here is an illustration of lymph nodes in the head and neck.  Does that answser your question?

It looks like that one just might be close enough to make you think that.

You know, if they bother you enough, you could always start your meds.

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Yeah, that diagram helps.  It looks like that's what it is. 

--- Quote ---You know, if they bother you enough, you could always start your meds.
--- End quote ---
That's crazy talk, Robert!  Joking.  I'll bring it up at my next appointment.

Hey Cliff,  That node that feels like a ball in front of your ear is the preauricular node (I bet that's what Robert's digram would show if I could read it...know a good eye doc?)  It usually gets enlarged due to a site-specific infection/irritation.  Virus may be a-workin', but it could be something simpler, like an       ear/eye/tooth infection....  Hope everything else is well....


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