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Does anyone have any knowledge dealing on an administrative basis with Ryan White?  With the program that I'm involved with in Bronx County, we very much value the grant money.  However, we will lose our funding.

We were told that we never send it the application for renewal for consideration.  They're right!  However, we never got the notice.  Six years of funding, you don't  ignore these items and it's not like I'm going to say, "We don't need your money!"  We simply never received any notice. 

Just wondering if anyone out there had a similar problem and if they can share some advice on their dealings with Ryan White.  I've appealed to the organization, received letters of support from my local elected officials pleading on our behalf, but don't know what else I could do.

I am sorry Let, but your post is far too brief, to completely understand what you are asking here.

As far as the funding of the Ryan White CARE Act, it is re-authorized/funded every five years.  It would appear that your organization did not submit the RFP/Request for Proposal at the correct time, or maybe this was not done at all.  In the Government, timing is everything, and if you do not submit on time with all the "t's" crossed, and all the "i's" dotted, then you are not in line to receive any funding or consideration.  Paperwork is everything, and if you did not do your thing, then they will not fund.  Period!

You say you were not notified.  I find that almost impossible to  believe, but it just could be a possibility.  I would suggest that someone in the organization didn't really read the fine print, or in fact, may have not paid attention to the thousands of notices and memos that are generated from Washington.  It is very easy not to see everything, and that is why one must be very attentive to everything when working in HIV.

There is another issue here and that is, "are you in a Title I or Title II region"?  If you are Title I, then your RFP must go directly to HHS; if you are a Title II, then you would be sending your RFP to Albany for placing in the state RFP.  You see, your post if far too brief, and doesn't really explain anything except that you have been cut-off, due to someone's oversight.

In Love.

Hello Let-it-go, it is Eldon. You mght want to ask Michael (sonamabeach) he has a lot of information on Ryan White.

I'm sorry, my life has turned into a Fu**ing mess.  The last email I received on RWCA was from Craig Vincent-Jones of the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV and Susan Strong of Strong Consulting.  They both discussed signifigant cuts in funding. 

As a volunteer for the Funding Allocation Working Group we have just completed 4 proposed sceanarios for FY 2007 which directly reflect cuts in existing services and since the first time since FAWG began in 1990, the budgets have been prepared for 1 year only.  This is because there will be no Title I funding in our county in three years.  There will be a public meeting in September 6th for presentation, questions and answers before ratification on September 13 by the planning counsil.  Since I am also a member of the Planning Counsil, I will not be allowed to take part in the presentation.  I will be present to vote at both meetings.

Over the past year, I have gotten more support and information from Moffie and can not add anything more to what he has said on this topic.  The only way left to save any funding and programs is to write letters to Congress, make phone calls to Congress and send email to Congress.  After you do that, encourage every friend, relative and acquaintance you have to do the same.

A list of Congress members to contact and their Washington DC addresses can be found in my web site, click on the SUPPORT tab for letters and contact information.  Have the best day

Hello Michael, Please do keep us informed on the current events that are taking place in your county.


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