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Anybody remember "Dynasty"

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I can't remember if it was on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. The little bar we go to used to have Dynasty night, and it would start off with everyone having a glass of champagne, in only the finest plastic champagne glasses !!

some Clips from DYNASTY     :P :P

I was hooked on Dynasty, Dallas, and Falcon Crest. When Knots Landing started my hubby threatened to divorce me if i got hooked on that.

Should have watched it and could have got rid of the ex about 10 yrs sooner...LOL


Ray, it was Wednesday nights.   I lived in Tulsa, OK and we had a Dynasty party every week.......we had a life size cardboard 'stand up' of Joan Collins, and we sat it up by the TV every week.

Did you see the Dynasty Reunion on TV recently?  Linda Evans has had some sort of plastic surgery that made her upper lip look real funny....Joan Collins looked pretty good, but there she is 73 (so she claims, she is probably closer to 83) wearing a long wig that looked silly to me.   I would not have recognized Catherine Oxenburg, she looked like a completely different person.  Fallon looked about the best of all (and she was my least favorite character).


Indeed Ray I do........and it was on Wednesday Night.  God I loved that show...for some strange reason.
Of course I preferred the original Stephen.........He pouted so much better...and hell, everybody loved to hate
Alexis Carrington Coby.  The cat fight scenes between her and Crystal always sent the ratings sky high.

I loved Dallas first.  And Falcon Crest and Knots Landing for a little while....but Dynasty was my passion :P

Thanks for reminding me of better times, RAY :-*

I loved "Dynasty".  I loved it so much I'm going to see Joan Collins and Lynda Evans on stage in "Legends" this October.  I don't care if they just stand there, as long as they show up.  Lots of good memories around that trashy show.LOL


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