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Saving Dental Dollars?

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As I was getting a dental check up today, my dentist reminding me that HIV+ people need to be very careful with their teeth and gums. The virus can sometimes cause problems at a younger age , and early detection can save decay and $$$$.
I just thought I would share this with all of you wonderful people out there! If you have gone more than 6 months, it is probably time to know!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for bringing this up . I have always been fortunate in maintaining good dental care, and it is important in doing so !

Dental care isn't cheap, and it's great if a person has dental insurance, I am also fortunate in that I have a great policy at work. I can understand how difucult that can be, if people don't have some sort of coverage, especially with being HIV positive, and the other costs, that come into play.

So often people will neglect, their oral care,( for reasons of cost, or they simply put it off, and can end up with some pretty nasty things going on in there , which can affect thir general health. It's worth a check up at least twice a year ! It's all good general maintanance !!


I completely agree.  I have my teeth cleaned and checked every three months.  I seem to be a walking invitation for plaque.  I HATE having my teeth cleaned, but I have come to learn it is a necessary evil.  I should add that I have learned this lesson the hard way...six crowns, two bridges and one partial !


Gary I see we are same age. Six crowns and one pulled last year. Don't ya just love getting old! I will never go longer than 6 mos invariably pay the price.

Jane & I were either neglected or abused for so long in West TN. by the Dental "profession" that our dental needs are way more than we can afford, even tho' I have dental insurance, and the dentists up here are totally unconcerned about our "status".


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