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Our weekend started off on the bumpy side when our dog Judd was sprayed by a skunk at 5am. Thank goodness we had beautiful weather and we were able to keep the windows and doors open for 2 days so the house could air out. Here's a picture of me on my new swing enjoying the fresh outside air. This is my first attempt at posting a picture like this so hope it works :)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Jeff aren't you missing something in that pic? Like your better half. You're not suppose to swing alone. :D

:) Rodney we do swing together but the dogs haven't learned how to use the camera yet :) Jeffrey is having people over from work for a cookout on Sept 4th so maybe we can get some pics together then.

Oh that was a good response. You made me laugh.  :D :D I'll be looking for the pictures after the 4th. Do you think you can get the dogs trained by then? LOL

Love the swing! Very nice!

Our dogs got sprayed by a skunk a couple of yrs ago. We used dawn dishwashing soap and baking soda to give them a bath. That worked pretty good but for the longest time everytime it rained there was a faint scent of skunk...LOL



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