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Hello everone my name 's mike . Sorry I hadn't introduced my self sooner or at least before I made my first post , I guess that was kind of rude on my part .

I have been hiv+  since 1985  and to have this kind of information and links to more available is great.
Thanks so much

Welcome Mike...enjoy the show!

Hal :)

Bonjour Mike,

welcome to the extended family!


Is this the only club that we actually would rather NOT have members?

All kidding aside... welcome mike!

Edited to add
(by club I mean HIV, not the forums!)

Welcome, Mike!

I guess it is true that we'd rather not see the [HIV] membership grow ... but it's very reassuring to see the kind of support being offered to those who do join [these forums]. I've been in a few great clubs in my life but the community and humanity expressed in this one is profound - and often beyond a simple expression in words. If only the greater population could extend the same compassion and support - to often complete strangers - what a civilization we would become.


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