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You all amaze me!

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I have been here about a month and im so amazed at everyone here. I have never felt such compassion, love, and support from so many people. Hubby and I have only told a couple of people of his status. They are very supportative but they have no idea of what we are going thru or about to go thru. You all have been a true blessing to me.

I love u all


                        GROUP HUG[/color]


My Dear Teresa,

The reason for this is because we are walking on your pathway, and we were here all along.  When you needed the help, you simply opened up and came along the same pathway.  Think what the future that this board and community might bring into your lives.  Hmmmm the anticipation keeps me coming back for more and more and more and more.  It is just plain fun, and the support is priceless!

So glad you opened up, and let us in to help out with your new life.  You will both do fine, and the future is not as bleak as some would like us to believe. 

In Love and Support.

water duck:
Dear Teresa,

We are all here because we are affected one way or another by HIV.
We can scream, cry, laugh & bitch at each other.
We can also hurt, forgive & love each other !!
Blessings of the bug !! but at the end of the day , we come out better & stronger,
BECAUSE we have each other !! & Aidsmeds.



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