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                Good news   
               Thank you for the work you are doing Zachary

it is been almos two years and nothing hapen....
are we going to wait ?
What can be done?
I am just recently diagonosted and i am about to start theraphy and fiends only tell me
that i do not have to worry i have my meds for sure...but what about the rest of the world
pls  it is sad that we have lost the hope
the are two researcher who have the best results...Dr. Sudhir and Dr. Loyter..we have to do something in order that that research move faster
10 year ago many people will laught about talking the posibility of a cure...but no all of them waht i menat
even when people do not belive (10 year ago) trher were researche who still thok the cure is possible
Those profesorr have the results of the work of many years and we have to do somtehing .
Thera many works wry well aproved by FDA and are in clinical trials but serusly ther do not have the best results, they were not planed to resolve the problem so why to sped time and mony with poor results...
please I hope we can gather together and make history like social network have acomplished in other part of the world... we can do it
those results need to be
The benefits we have in our  life today  with ARV are because people took risks

We need to move cure-related research  forward as quickly as possible!!!


Did you know that Abzyme Research Foundation is raising money for taking this technology into human trials?

I'll leave the link for anyone who wants to learn more or donate. I helped with 30 bucks. It's not much but still it's a step closer. Every little bit helps. See what you can do. I think this one is a good one.

$51,340 DONATED OF $1,500,000 GOAL
There are too many 0s in that number  :-\

I don't know much about it, but this thread was started 3 years ago, and after all this time they only gathered $50,000? Sounds fishy to me.


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