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   I wrote Doctor Sudhir Paul on August 17, 2009 pertaining to his research and I wanted to keep you all posted as to what he wrote me in return.

Dear Mr. Sudhir Paul

     Greetings, my name is OhioGuyHere26 and I would like to ask you a few questions? Iíll keep this short and simple. Are you still studying/researching your HIV inquiries that the world was talking about back in Aug. of 2008? Where can I find your latest updates? and When will you be accepting human clinical trials?


Sent on behalf of Sudhir Paul, Ph.D.

Dear OhioGuyHere26:

    Thank you for your email. We are fully committed to taking the research to its logical conclusion of clinical testing of abzyme therapy and vaccination for HIV infection. We are moving as rapidly as feasible in completing the preclinical regulatory milestones. We could begin human clinical trials 9-12 months after we have raised sufficient money. The research is going well and we are very optimistic. More information about our published research data, progress, news releases, and ways to donate/sponsor are available at:

Thank you for your support.

Sudhir Paul

Director, Chemical Immunology Research Center
Professor, Department of Pathology
University of Texas - Houston Medical School

"We could begin human clinical trials 9-12 months after we have raised sufficient money."

In other words, they don't even have financing for this when and if they get financing it will be about a year after that to even begin the trials. So give and take anywhere between 5-10 years for a full 3-phase trial to complete and we're looking at years and years down the line. I won't hold my breath for this one!

But anyway, thanks for posting this and taking the time to write to them.

"On September 24 2009, a dynamic group of young professionals will join forces in New York to throw the debut charity benefit for Covalent Immunology Foundation: HARD MEDICINE. This event celebrates the Foundationís groundbreaking research in catalytic antibody technology in the fight against HIV and their socially conscious plans for distribution of medical care. (...)"

You can read more:

The latest paper from Dr. Sudhir Paul can be found here:

This is the kind of activism we should engage in. It's a very promising avenue of research and all efforts to speed up the process should be done. Dr. Paul is a scientist with a BIG S!!

Hope we could do something similar with Dr. Yamamoto GCMAF!!



Fascinating research! It seems the gp120 region exposed on the virus is a common denominator for a non=mutatable target for HIV. This region is also the goal of anti-ps. However, it seems Dr. Paul has found a certain region of the gp120 called Egp120 that seems to do the job very efficiently. This not only has preventable vaccine implications but also darn good therpeutic value. The following link gives a good explanation of Dr. Paul's work:

Please keep following this research.

I agree with you that Dr. Paul is a scientist with a capital S! I am glad to see he has collaborated with Dave Montefiori of CHAVI on some of his research. This means information is being shared and perhaps Dr. Paul's research will be incorporated within the vaccine  initiative being done at CHAVI. Dr. Paul states that he believes a vaccine could be available within 5 to 10 years, however, a therapeutic should not take as long if he gets the funding. HARD MEDICINE helps build HARD BODIES! A worthy cause!

Please keep us posted!


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