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crocodile blood is a hope for hiv???


   Hi folks im pretty new here and i've been reading yall articles and concerns on and off and recently i've red an articles that saying crocodile blood is a great surviver of any disease and viruses and it is being researched IS THIS REAL?? and also saw another articles that one doctor saying he found a vitamin that will eliminate any virus include hiv have u heard about this? plz post .. thanks.


You originally posted this thread in our "Am I Infected" forum but that's not really the right place for it. I believe this subject was discussed in the forums before - try the search page if you want to find it.


Hello Matador, it is Eldon. First of all welcome to the forums where you will find love, support, encouragement, and answers to may of your questions relating to HIV/AIDS.

What article or reference was this where you read that crocodile blood will kill HIV? Please do reference. I did hear last year or so something of that nature. It was from a bio miracle website which I cannot reference at this time.


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