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Hello Christine,

Thanks for that recipe ! I have always wondered what Tzatziki consisted of. I love it also. I remember hearing it was made with yogurt.



When you say "drain the yogurt" -- do you do that with cheesecloth? Or some other method?

Does anyone know if that process leaches healthful components of the yogurt (e.g., bacteria)? I often pour off that liquid from opened yogurt but I wonder if that's somehow defeating the purpose.

...I can see how it'd make for better Tzatziki, though.  :D

I LOVE Stonyfield yogurt. It's almost theonly brand I can tolerate. The others are so cloyingly sweet and artificial tasting. Plus, I like the layer of cream on top :)


Occasionally I'll eat yogurt and, I agree, Stonyfield is great.  The others leave me feeling listless and undigested.

Carbon NYC,
I don't know for sure if draining the liquid from the yogurt would take away the good bacteria. My guess would be no....I think the good bacteria is in the yogurt itself.

I take a colander, drape it with cheesecloth or a coffee filter, then place the whole thing over a bowl. It usually drains for a few hours in the fridge. You can make it without draining the yogurt, it is just a little thinner, and will have some water sitting on top which will have to be mixed in before eating. I have made it both ways- taste is the same, I just perfer it a little thicker.

I also forgot to add I peel and seed the cucumbers. I just love the stuff!


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