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HIV Prevention Pill????


Just dropping in to say a big Hello as I promised all of my friends of the past.  I've been so greatful to so much for all the help received and I believe it's been over 1/2 a year, probably closer to 9 months.

I add this post because I'm trying to get information on this new HIV Prevention pill being trial in Africa.  I like to remain educated.  Can you guys assist? 

Anybody know about this?  I heard it on the news today, something about a trial HIV Prevention pill.  What is it?  Is it a joke or something? 

Here is little info. It was on the NET 8/12 maybe you can find the whole article. It sounds like hype but who knows.

 study done in Africa, mainly showed that the drug Viread is safe when used for prevention. Fewer people given the drug caught the AIDS virus than those given dummy pills, but so few in either group became infected that valid comparisons cannot be made.

Interesting?  So what is the next step?  Are they going to continue trials?


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