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I think my lipoatrophy is improving

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GSO, glad to hear the news.  What meds were you on before (for some reason I think it was Atripla)?

Well, you're looking great and feeling fantastic about too. Am happy to hear your news. Keep it up sexy,  :D YaKa


--- Quote from: GNYC09 on August 09, 2009, 11:10:15 AM ---GSO, glad to hear the news.  What meds were you on before (for some reason I think it was Atripla)?

--- End quote ---

I've been on AZT, 3TC, Hydroxyurea, Viramune, Videx, Zerit, Sustiva, Viread, Kaletra... those are the HIV meds I can think of. Kaletra was the worst-- never had a solid bowel movement and lost 30 lbs.

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: GSOgymrat on August 10, 2009, 07:37:15 AM ---Kaletra was the worst-- never had a solid bowel movement and lost 30 lbs.

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I just want to emphasize to the other thread readers that this particular part of Ford's post indicates a wasting issue, not lipoatrophy -- they can occur at the same time, but with wasting you can gain the weight back. 

I'll figure that Ford knows this and that the changes as a reversal in "cabling" (i.e. the effect of lipoatrophy that causes veins to seem to be on the surface of the body) he is separating out.  I guess I'd just be curious as to when you halted Kaletra and gained your baseline weight back?  The only reason I ask, is that my experience is somewhat similar in terms of med history, and of course I've had lipo probably for as long as you have or longer.  I've had some slight reversal with cabling, but I'll emphasize "slight" -- some days it looks better than others, and I just chalk it up to better water retention or something on that day.  I, too, have been on what one could describe similarly as a "fat friendly combo" now since mid-2006.

I should have made clear the problem with Kaletra wasn't lipoatrophy it was digestion. When I was on Kaletra my triglycerides stayed at over 1600. I never had a solid bowel movement and there were time that I would take Kaletra and 15 minutes later I had diarrhea and found the solid Kaletra capsules coated in yellow bile in the toilet. When I switched to Reyataz, Truvada and Norvir in 2006 my triglycerides dropped to the 300s, the diarrhea stopped and my weight went back to normal. I would say I was back to normal weight within 6 months. The only negative with this combo is it seems to be affecting my liver: my creatinine and bilirubin are both elevated.

As far as the "cabling" improving it is a subtle change but definitely is better. Like anyone my veins are more pronounced when I workout but when I am relaxed my arms and legs look almost normal. I have noticed that if I don't watch my diet my waistline expands with fat under my abdominal muscles. However if I stick to my diet and exercise routine it goes away.

The reason I created this post was to let people know that, at least for me, switching to a "fat friendly" combo has seemed to improve my lipoatrophy, but not dramatically and certainly not quickly.


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