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I think my lipoatrophy is improving

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In 2006 I switched to a more "fat friendly combo": Reyataz, Truvada and Norvir. I was talking to my partner today and we both agree that my legs and arms don't look as veiny as they used to. I still look more veiny than the average person but my legs don't resemble a road map like they did a few years ago. It is taking a long time and is a subtle change but a welcome one.

Also it has been over 3 years since I had PMMA treatment in my face and buttocks. It is holding up well and I have not had any complications.

Nice to hear that, Ford.

I've been on Combivir+Kaletra for 11 months now, and I haven't noticed any lipoatrophy so far.
I've managed to ''tame'' Kaletra with omega-3 diet, but I've read that Combivir can cause lipoatrophy.
My doctor recommended a switch: from 2daily dosing Combivir/Kaletra to once-a-day dosing Epzicom/Kaletra. But, I'm kinda scared since I've read Epzicom increases the risk of heart attack.  ???
So, I have to choose between Combivir (lipoatrophy) and Epzicom (heart attack).

If I get lipotrophy I will go to Rio (Dr. Serra Clinic that I found about thanks to you) and get it corrected (I have family in Brazil so I have a place to stay).

My doc said that, from his experience, I am less likely to get lipoatrophy because of my endomorph body type/metabolism.

hugs from southern Europe

Thanks, Elf.

I was sceptical that I would see any improvement in my arms and legs by switching medications. I'm glad that there appears to be some reversal.

Rev. Moon:
That's great news Mr. Ford, congrats :)

I haven't been around the forums for very long, but (given that you are a bodybuilder) was it very noticeable before? I guess I have this picture in my head of this issue being more evident for those on the average side of fitness (or those with a couple extra pounds). 

The veins in my arms and legs were very noticeable. However when you workout people tend to think you are "ripped". Nurses at my job used to comment on how easy it would be to draw blood from me but I don't get those comments anymore. Looking at my forearms as I type this they look comparatively normal.


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