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small, soft, gushy bump on forhead

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i would like everyones opinion on this. i heard that a sign of hiv or aids is that a small bump around the middle of your forhead near the top of forhead that is small, soft, gushy type feeling that stays around for a long time or may not go away is a sign of hiv or aids


To be honest, I've never heard anything so silly in my life. A lump on the head is usually a sign of blunt trauma to the head, not hiv.

Is there a specific reason why you are worried about hiv infection?

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Man I must have missed out on that one. I surely had plenty time to get that one. Go to a dermatologist and have it looked at.

Rod, he originally posted in the Blog forum. :D

Ann, I just figured I missed out on something to squeeze. I hate when that happens.  :D


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