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I got the  genotype report.  It shows I am resistant to all the NNRTI, NRTI, except  Viread and thats resistant possible. I'm sensitive to all PI's.  This isn't good is it? >:(

Jena, you hang in there girl. They'll find something for you.

And what did your Dr say? Did she give you any alternative combination of meds or just sent you home with the news?

Hello Jena, it is Eldon. I know what stress you are going through right now. Hang in there , stay on top of the Doctor and they will find something for you I am sure. We are behind you 100% with the support you need right now.


1. Sit down

2. Post the info from the genotype here, or PM me for an email address and scan it and send it me or an IM address so we can talk through it.

3. Nuke resistance can sometimes be useful. Since PIs still work the NNRTI resistance is not that important.

4. If you have some Viread workability and the M184V mutation the you can just use Viread+FTC or 3TC and two PIs plus a booster. This is perfectly okay. Depending on the exact picture adding AZT may also be useful.

5. Since you have no PI resistance you have tons of options here.  Very good.

Even without seeing the genotype I think it highly probable that a combo like Kaletra + Reyataz + Truvada (or perhaps Viread + Ziagen), with or without AZT, will bring your viral load to undetectable. But let's see the info off the genotype sheet, it will be a series of numbers categorised by PI mutations and then NNRTI + NRTI mutations.

Plus there should be a list of drugs with cut-off (effectiveness) numbers eg Viread 3.3, Kaletra 1.1 in the phenotype part etc. These are also useful.  And the name of the test maker.

Best wishes and a big hug.

- matt

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